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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I love what you're doing, can I volunteer?

Well thank you! Hearing that is so encouraging and makes our day. Volunteer opportunities change with the seasons as we do many fewer events in the summer than in other seasons. The best way to find out how to get involved is to contact Meg via either the contact us form on the opening page, or by email at


2. Where are you located?


During our first year we've shuffled around a bit as we figure out what we need from a pasture, and are currently looking to for land to purchase for a permanent home. That said, we've been primarily located Southwest of Austin. The exact address is intentionally omitted from this site to discourage pop-ins as our pastures have been privately owned by people who live on site.

3. I have a horse that could work for your program, can I sell or donate him to you? 


Thank you for thinking of us! We try very hard to give a good, loving, forever home to as many horses as we are capable of caring for, financially and with manpower. Due to the vast number of horses in need of homes, Heartstone has a policy of only accepts donated horses. If you'd like to see your horse at a loving place and would like to donate them, we'd love to hear from you. We can even issue you you a tax deductible receipt! 


4. Are you a 501(c)3? 


We sure are! We are very proud of that, and look forward to finding ways to increase financial transparanecy.      


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