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Support Group


3:30 pm

location TBD

Come sit with likeminded women ask we talk about our week, our day, the season, reflections on the past, what working for us and what isn't.


Get validation about what you're feeling and let yourself out of isloation. Everyone feels bad at one point or another, there's no reason to do so alone. This event is generally horseless, since it's in town and a ways from the horses.   


Speaking Events 

Please contact for availability

Meg is available for public speaking events, to discuss aspects of both the trauma, healing, recovery experience, and also how to start and run a suc equine and/or trauma informed and focused nonprofit. Please contact her for fees and availability. 


Nonprofit Coaching 

One on One

Just recently added to the services available from Heartstone, Meg is now offering coaching to motivated clients who are interested in or have recently started a nonprofit organization. 

Meg has experience starting and running her trauma informed eqiine nonprofit organization, having started with out any land, fundrasising or nonprofit experience, or horses. Having made a difference with nothing, she's happy to guide those on a similar path with the same desires.


Coaching is available in packages of 4, 8 or 12 sessions.

Coaching rate: $45/sesssion with 10%, 15% and 20% discount on  for bulk purchases, respectively. 

Contact Meg to set up a free initial inquiry.


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