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We're Not Homeless!

So now we have a place to hang our hat! I'm completely excited and thrilled that we have a cozy little spot surrounded by kind people to spend time with new friends, equine and human. It's in the Cedar Creek/Bastrop area so it's not too far from Austin, only about 35-40 minutes southeast from Austin if you aren't driving during rush hour.

There's also a Chik Fil A and grocery store right around the corner so this Mom is never far from an indoor playscape aka quiet mom time in AC, or a place to stock up on essentials.

I can't wait to decorate the tack room and sitting area so it's welcoming and comfortable for our participants, and the kiddos!

Speaking of the kids, again, I shamelessly feature them in this post, so be prepared. What can I say? I want them to love horses and the outdoors. Plus I have no where else to put them aside from 2 feet away from me at all times.


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